Engage: Digital Kids Conference

Excerpt taken from KidzVuz blog, May 25, 2012.

Late last month, KidzVuz was part of the sixth annual  Digital Kids Conference in beautiful (though rainy) downtown Pasadena. Digital Kids, once a small part of the International Toy Fair, is now its own conference.  And good thing, too.  Kids are online in record numbers; they have smartphones and iPads, and laptops.  Even many of their gaming systems are internet enabled.

So they deserve a conference that teaches brands how to approach this growing – and sensitive – audience, and that teaches parents what’s out there for their kids.

While I was at the conference, I saw all kind of interesting companies, here are just a few:

Toon Goggles:  If your kids love animation, this is the site for them.  Toon Goggles collates animated short from around the world – many of them unavailable anywhere else,and puts them into one safe, COPPA compliant (so your kids won’t see anything bad, or be mined for info) place.  There’s a desktop and a mobile application.  Check it out:

Kickin’ Kitchen – When the producer of this musical cooking miniseries for kids told me the show was Foood Network meets Glee, I admit, my first thought was “get over yourself, lady!”  And then she showed me some clips.  Amazing!  Great production values, good lessons about nutrition, catchy tunes and terrific choreography. It’s a musical, it’s a sitcom, it’s about good nutrition!   Suggest this to your school.

Happly – Happly is an iPad app you will gladly (or happily, as the case may be) share with your family.  More than just a content aggregator,
Happly has partnered with some of the world’s most talented experts  – like National Geographic photographers & writers, and award-winning children’s book authors — to create both original and curated stories from the world of animals, dinos, sports and many more.

Not only does Happly update content each week, but parents can customize content based on their children’s age and interests

At Digital Kids, I learned that there are a LOT of moderation companies out there.  A lot.  And I think that’s a good thing.  Kids should be safe on line.  Webistes should be moderating comments for bullying or inappropriate content or language  And whether they’re doing it to be in compliance with the laws protection children’s privacy online (COPPA) or because it’s simply the right thing to do — well, here at KidzVuz we’re just glad that they’re doing it t all.

The Digital Kids conference was really all about showing kid-focused companies (like ours) how to best function in the digital world kids are so comfortable in already.  And any conference that’s about making things safer and better for kids when they’re online — well, KidzVuz is all over that!