Examiner: Toon Goggles: Making global cartoons accessible to all

Toon Goggles: Making global cartoons accessible to all

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The world is becoming increasingly global. Through the Internet people are able to communicate more readily than ever before and this helps creative people share ideas and get exposed to new media. Toon Goggles is a company that understands the value of global sharing and they license cartoons from all over the world. In fact, Toon Goggles has a digital presence in over 196 countries and their cartoons–from every country–can be viewed by any user, anywhere, at any time.

Toon Goggles can be accessed on a number of devices.

Photo credits courtesy of Toon Goggles, used with permission.

Toon Goggles is the premier destination for On-Demand Entertainment for Kids. The child-safe and parent-friendly service offers a vast and diverse amount of animated and live-action programs, engaging games, and comprehensive radio section and tween entertainment news. For instance, they feature a show that teaches children how to do magic tricks using household items and these segments are hosted by working magicians who are associated with the famed Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California.

Toon Goggles also includes ad-free preschool and educational shows, as well as free content with pre-approved, child-appropriate advertising. Users have the option to upgrade to a premium membership and opt-out of advertisements. The platform is fully COPPA-compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), boasting a strictly enforced screening process to ensure that all material is clean, safe and age-appropriate. Designed specifically for children to be in charge of their viewing experience, Toon Goggles’ easy-to-use interface lets kids watch their own personally selected programming anywhere and at any time.

Toon Goggles is not only one of the only children’s entertainment portals offering 4K content but also widely available online and as an app on the iTunes App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), Windows8 and on all Sony phones and tablets, and pre-installed on a variety of devices. Toon Goggles can be found on the Sharp Aquos LED TV, Techno Source’s Kurio7 Android Tablet for Families, Oregon Scientific’s Meep! Tablets, Barnes & Noble’s critically acclaimed NOOK HD and NOOK HD+, the widely available Roku and on many other smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes. Therefore, they are accessible to practically everyone.

Whilst they originally focused on TV series, Toon Goggles is now branching out to interactive eBooks and “TG Shortiez,” which is a feature that is currently available in Toon Goggles. It allows kids to create videos up to three minutes in length using fun filters. Once they finish a video it gets sent to their parent for approval first, then back to Toon Goggles (TG) for final approval before getting uploaded to the TG platform to be seen by everyone worldwide across all of the company’s approved devices!

Moreover, one of Toon Goggles most exciting recent ventures is the development of their own original programming via a series titled “Eddie Is A Yeti.” The show is targeted to children ages 4 to 7. This dynamic 3D animated, short-form children’s series is being co-produced with international giant MondoTV, which is handling overseas distribution and merchandising. “Eddie’s” non-dialogue, action-based format easily allows for worldwide accessibility and vast audience reach. The show was recently featured on the White House front lawn during their annual Easter Egg Roll event, and was selected out of over 1,000 properties nationwide to be one of the lucky 40 characters chosen to participate. The show–which just got approval for a second season–features 26 episodes in the initial season and 26 more currently being developed; five episodes can now be watched on the Toon Goggles website.

“Toon Goggles is a leading platform in kids and family entertainment. To evolve our SVOD service we wanted to expand into our own original programming, giving our viewers something that they can find nowhere else,” said Chief Creative Officer Lee Adams. “With ‘Eddie Is A Yeti’ we have an amazing writing team Pamela Hickey and Denny McCoy– this husband and wife dynamic duo have worked on pretty much every show, including smash-hits like ‘Power Rangers.’ We’re truly excited to have on board such amazing talent as Pam and Dennys, and to announce our original programming slate in the next few months that will include some dynamic flagship shows as well as some compelling new properties.”

Toon Goggles (TG) is pre-loaded into many devices and in some instances can be found next to the NetFlix tab which will make finding TG’s content easy. Aside from “Eddie Is A Yeti,” Toon Goggles is also developing a segment that presents fairy tale stories with a twist. Featuring a live ventriloquist, a puppet canine named Cleo and some cool flash animation, these tales also include technological updates to classic stories…such as Cinderella having a Fairy Godmother app instead of an actual Fairy Godmother.

“We try to make our shows accessible to everyone in every country so in some instances our programming doesn’t include dialogue,” Lee Adams explained. “Given our worldwide audience we find this format to be extremely viable and highly appealing to our audience.”

Toon Goggles certainly has a lot in store for the future – interactive e-books, live action programming and super creative original animation that plans to wow audiences around the world. To learn more, visit the official Toon Goggle website.


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