Toon Goggles Displays Bright Vision

Excerpt taken from Animation Magazine, April/May 2012.

L.A. based online kids’ channel grows library, explores new platforms.

Only a few months after its launch during the holiday season of 2011, Toon Goggles, the free online animation portal for kids, has added over 500 hours of programming to its library, and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Last month, the COPPA-compliant environment made a deal with Germany’s Your Family Entertainment (YFE) for 240 hours of shows for three- to 13-year olds, and a few weeks ago, the company went mobile with the release of a new iOS app (available at the App Store).  The new app is custom-designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, is compatible with iOS 4.0 through iOS5.0 and allows for streaming over 3G and WiFi.

“We are thrilled to be adapting our kids’ portal to this latest technology, just in time with the release of the newest ‘next generation’ iPad,” says Brendan Pollitz, Toon Goggles’ Creative Director.  “This new development allows our growing library to be available to more kids and their parents in a new portable format.”

In addition, the company also signed a new deal with Twonky, which allows users to beam their content from their phone or tablet to their TV sets or Apple TV, and vice-versa.  “All these new developments allow parents and children not to be restricted by one of their devices and enjoy their favorite content at home or on the go,” adds Pollitz.

One of the great features of Toon Goggles is that it collects data on viewer demographics, time spent watching the star ratings, and shares it for free with subscribers.  Toon Goggles also uses strict pre-screening measures to make sure that the content is completely safe and kid-friendly.  Since the website welcomes materials from both indies and older libraries, it offers another opportunity for producers to get eyeballs on their shows and offer solid data about their projects to buyers and networks and cable execs around the world.

“Our portal is designed to be a three-way win between viewers, producers and networks,” says Pollitz.  As an example, he points to YFE’s animated show Magical Tooth Fairies, which is one of the site’s most popular cartoons.  “It’s amazing that young girls are seeking this content on their own, without any marketing or promotion around the title,” he notes.  “It’s a good example of how the site offers equal opportunity for all animation producers out there.  Our Randomizer feature also enables viewers to sample the shows that they like.  It’s a really democratic process.”

As far as plans for the next few months are concerned, Pollitz says the company plans to add more content to its library and really get the word out to the networks that Toon Goggles can generate real results and strong analytics for their shows.  “We are very happy about the exposure we’ve had so far and have had some major interest from big corporations in recent weeks,” he adds.  “We are hoping to be on 40 or 50 million devices.  I guess you can say our biggest challenge now is finding time to sleep!”