Toon Goggles Offers 4K Streaming Content on Sony TVs Globally

Toon Goggles™ To Stream Kids’ 4K Content Around the World on Sony® TVs

Los Angeles, CA March 23, 2015

Worldwide children’s entertainment hub Toon Goggles ( will now bring their 4K streaming video app to Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TVs and Media Players. With over 300 episodes of animated and live-action 4K content on Toon Goggles UHD, the on-demand service vastly increases the amount of streaming kids’ videos available in Ultra HD, commonly known as 4K.

“As leaders in the kids’ entertainment marketplace, we recognized the demand for professionally made 4K children’s content,” said Stephen L. Hodge, Toon Goggles Managing Director and father of 3. “Sony’s reputation as a purveyor of high-quality 4K televisions makes a perfect vehicle with which to showcase our new Ultra HD service.”

Global service Toon Goggles UHD launches on Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TVs and Media Players as an app ready to be installed on the Internet-connected devices. Cartoons from around the world will stream in HEVC 4K, the highest resolution picture on the market. The service’s content is subject to individual terms and conditions and may require fees, registration or credit card information.

Toon Goggles UHD will highlight popular shows like Bernard and Gormiti with a special 4K designation so parents and children can easily access them. As the development of 4K content has not kept up with the proliferation of UHD-compatible devices, this early adoption gives Toon Goggles a leg up over competitors in the video-on-demand industry.

Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV lineup offers a 4K option for virtually any consumer. The TVs have four times the resolution of full HD 1080p and provide superior picture quality than standard 4K resolution using a combination of unique Sony technologies, including TRILUMINOS™ Display for lifelike color, a heightened sense of depth and accurate shading. The 4K Ultra HD Media Player gives consumers the ability to download, stream and store the latest 4K content and offers 1 TB of built-in storage. For more information about Sony and its line of consumer electronics, please visit