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Toon Goggles Takes On The Mojicons

Toon Goggles Takes On The Mojicons   It has been announced that the first series of quirky new animation The Mojicons will soon be available on Toon Goggles – the premiere global on-demand destination for children and families.   The…Read More

Toon Goggles Launches On Foxxum Smart TVs

Toon Goggles 4K kids’ content now available on Foxxum Smart TVs Toon Goggles, one of the world’s leading providers of 4K on-demand video content for kids, is now available on all connected devices running the Foxxum Smart TV solution. The…Read More

Al Kahn Joins Toon Goggles As Chairman of the Board

Licensing Guru Al Kahn Joins Toon Goggles as Chairman of the Board Los Angeles, October 4, 2016 Al Kahn, the former founder of 4Kids Entertainment and licensing wiz behind Pokemon’s successful entry into U.S. markets, has been appointed as Chairman…Read More

Toon Goggles original IP, Eddie Is A Yeti, heads to Cozy Phones

‘Eddie Is a Yeti’ Gets CozyPhones Treatment On-demand kids entertainment portal Toon Goggles has signed an agreement with CozyPhones that will see the animated star of its cutely cryptozoological series Eddie Is a Yeti appearing on the company’s super comfortable headphones, available…Read More

TBI Vision Article (4/28/14): Kids go OTT

As the gamut of entertainment mediums for children grows ever wider, Andy Fry profiles how over-the-top programming services are adapting their offers to garner attention, and attract eyeballs, from kids of all ages. In the last five years, kids’ media…Read More

Al Kahn Talks Toon Goggles & Future of Kids’ Content

Al Kahn Talks Toon Goggles & Future of Kids’ Content   Al Kahn, the newly appointed chairman of Toon Goggles, speaks with TV Kids about the company and how he plans to redefine the standard content viewing model. As the…Read More

Toon Goggles CES 2016

Toon Goggles being demonstrated at numerous major consumer electronic booths at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.